Seal & Protect
Your Pavers


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enhance, and protect your pavers and natural stone

If concrete and brick pavers are part of your outdoor living areas and hardscaping, including driveways, patios, sidewalks, and outdoor kitchens, you want them staying clean and bright.

Porous Surfaces Invite Discoloration

Although pavers are very hard and durable, they’re extremely porous and vulnerable to oil stains, spills, and moisture related problems, such as algae growth and efflorescence, which leaves a white deposit of mineral salts on the face of the pavers.

Our products


Restores the colors and improves porous concrete surfaces like pavers, roof tiles, and natural stones with a wet appearance that is not shiny or glossy.


Seals non-porous materials such as Travertine tile, Spanish tile, and other natural stones to protect against stains and enhance the shine.

Deco 20

Seals and shields concrete surfaces and materials against the water’s damaging effects and reduces the growth of molds and mildew.

Super StripaCast

Removes and strips old worn-out sealers and other similar materials from concrete surfaces such as pavers and tiles and cement surfaces.

Seal Joints to Keep Them Solid
and Weed-free

The sand between and underneath the pavers is another part of maintaining your beautiful outdoor surfaces. The filler in these joints and spaces is prone to wash away or deteriorate with frequent rainfall or excessive hose-washing. Growth of weeds in between the pavers becomes a factor, as well.

Restore Color and Sheen

Sealing your pavers can address all these issues, as well as enhance and restore the color of your paver floors. Curt’s uses advanced sealers to protect and enhance the colors of your paver, even imparting a nice sheen, if desired. Sealers keep the sand intact between the pavers, too, by soaking deep into the joint where it hardens and locks the sand into a solid mass that cannot wash away or grow weeds.


Properly sealed concrete or brick pavers always look better than those that are not well maintained.

Clean paver surfaces enhance the beauty of your property and promote safety. Keep all your exterior surfaces clean and resilient, while adding to their durability. Call Curt’s Pressure Cleaning Service today–(561) 566-8138. Licensed and Insured.