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Careful, Clean, That’s Curt’s Pressure Cleaning Process

As you would expect, anytime a contractor comes to your property to perform a service, it poses a slight inconvenience. Curt’s Pressure Cleaning Service minimizes the disruption there’s a slight disruption to your life by carrying out the work efficiently, according to a Process we have practiced time and time again.

Here’s How It Works…

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We can give you an initial, same-day FREE estimate over the phone or by email by observing your property from conventional aerial and satellite overhead images, if applicable. However, if an estimate for your pressure cleaning needs require an on-site inspection by our technician, we’ll arrange to visit your property. When you approve our estimate, we’ll get the work underway.


Our first step is to do a chemical cleaning. If it’s your roof that we’re working on, we’ll have a technician on the roof and on the ground. Our ground crew will keep any harsh chemical solutions from harming your plants and lawn by immediately rinsing off any vulnerable landscape features of your property.


Whether we’re cleaning your roof, siding, or ground-level surfaces we will employ the right pressure for each specific job. For example, an overly strong jetstream can strip the important granular coating off your shingles, but Curt’s makes sure we do not make that mistake!


Our Clean Team will thoroughly treat every nook and cranny of the surface to be cleaned, leaving no dirt, algae, mildew, etc., and assuring a uniformly clean surface color–no streaks or blotches.


After our cleaning solution pressure washing or soft wash is done, Curt’s applies a special “plant wash” to ensure the health of your lawn and landscaping.



Curt’s Pressure Cleaning will range in price mainly based on the surface area to be clean. We’ll take into account the substance(s) that is to be cleaned from the surface, i.e., chemical or oil spills, mold/mildew, conventional dirt or pollutants and assess the time involved in doing the job properly.

Delivering VALUE – Our #1 Objective

Our pricing is always fair and transparent. We guarantee you’ll get outstanding value or our name isn’t Curt’s!


1. Application of a Bleach solution
2. Pressure wash to remove mildew, mold, algae, etc.
3. Next comes a light acid solution, to further clean and brighten the pavers,
stone, or masonry.
4. Then, a special neutralizer is applied after the acid-based cleaning
5. Next, Curt’s applies a special sealant to the cleaned surface
6. Finally, if joints need filling, we take care of that too!

As with almost any crucial task, following a Process always turns out better results. Curt’s Pressure Cleaning Service has practiced and perfect our processes to ensure you the cleanest, most satisfying outcome. Call Curt’s Pressure Cleaning Service today–(561) 566-8138. Licensed and Insured.